Introduction and behavior of Himalayan Guinea pigs

The Himalayan guinea pig is one of the pig breeds in the Guinea pig breeds. This breed is one of the most interesting among all the Guinea pig breeds. This breed of pigs originated from South America. It is sometimes referred to as the Siamese cat of guinea pigs. Just like most other guinea pig breeds, the Himalayan was brought to Europe more than a hundred years ago. The Himalayan guinea pig is a short, pointed pig with a white thick body with darker highlights on the ear, nose, and feet. These dark highlights are usually black or brown. The foot pads and toes are also dark. The eyes of a Himalayan Guinea pig are pink and bold. Their color and appearance is what makes the Himalayan guinea pig so unique. Sometimes people refer to this breed as the albino breed of animal. This pig is born purely white in color and the spots develop at a later age. Interestingly, the spots at the Himalayan guinea pig ears to match with the one at the feet regarding the color. To reach its final coloring, the Himalayan pig can take up to a maximum of three months. The colors are closely related to the environment the pig is living in. The owners of the pigs need to regularly and closely observe the pig in order to note the color changes in the pig. The Himalayan guinea pig color fades when the pig is sick, stressed or when overly exposed to sunlight. The pigs do well living in cooler conditions. At their tender age, these pigs make very good pets. The Himalayan guinea pig is a stout animal with a great temperament and very friendly to human beings. A study shows that these pigs love and enjoy spending time with human beings. They are very sociable. These pigs are very gentle and it is very unlikely for them to hurt a human or other pigs. This pig loves the company of other pigs from any breed in the guinea pigs breed. Just like most other animals, Himalayan guinea pig behaves in accordance with the number of pigs and gender living in the same cage. These pigs interestingly try to communicate to each other and also to human beings via certain sounds they make. Some of these sounds signify that they are hungry, frightened, lonely or mating aggression. All these conditions are represented by different types of sounds. A Himalayan guinea pig gives birth to six or seven piglets, but this is not a limited number. It could be lower or slightly higher. During the pregnancy period, the Himalayan guinea pig tends to develop some critical conditions and it is recommended that great care is taken from them. Averagely these pigs live for a period of five to seven years if good care is taken from them, they can live up to ten years.

Personality of the Texel Guinea Pig

The Texel Guinea Pig has a much desired personality as opposed to many other breeds in the guinea pig community. It is their nature which makes them such desirable pets, not just an aesthetically pleasing creature for show purposes. It is often said that they are not only unique looking but that their personality is unlike any other known guinea pig breed in the world. When we think about the best pets, we generally want something playful and loving. The kind of unconditional love that can not be matched by any human companion. It seems that the Texel Guinea Pig fits this mold perfectly and therefore makes a great little addition to any household that desires a smaller, more manageable pet.

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Although it requires more specific care than most other guinea pig breeds, the Texel Guinea Pig’s personality makes up for this ten fold. Its current nature can be traced back to its origins as a cross between the Rex Guinea Pig and the Silkie or Sheltie Guinea Pig. Both of these breeds possess similar personality traits, which may be why they made such a good match, despite their contrasting appearances. The Silkie Guinea Pig is well-known, not just for their unique, long coats of fur, but also for being the most gentle of all known breeds. Despite an initial shyness, they are very laid-back and friendly towards their owners once they have warmed up to them. They enjoy being handled and crave attention from their owners consistently. In comparison, it has been found that the Rex Guinea Pig does not enjoy being handled nearly as much as the Silkie Guinea Pig, although they love gentle stroking instead. They are generally much more sociable than other breeds. It seems that the Texel Guinea Pig has generally adopted the best of each of its parent breeds. It possesses the tranquil personality often associated with other long haired breeds, such as the Silkie and Peruvian Guinea Pig. The Texel Guinea Pig does however have a hint of mischievousness, a lot more active than we find the Silkie Guinea Pig to be. Overall, it has a loving and kind nature, warming up to its owner quickly and for the most part enjoys handling a lot more than the Rex Guinea Pig is known to. Of course, as with all animals, each individual Texel Guinea Pig can display different traits, but generally they have been known to be one of the more affectionate breeds. It is quite friendly and offers a myriad of entertainment for its owners throughout its lifetime. It is quite obvious that the Texel Guinea Pig provides the kind of unconditional love that we crave in an animal companion. They are less docile than other long haired species are believed to be, but they still possess the same laid back personality that they are known for. Their more active nature may be attributed to the cross of Rex Guinea Pig that this breed was adapted from. All in all, they are a unique breed that has an equally unique personality compared to all other guinea pigs you may encounter.

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Facts of the Texel Guinea Pig

The Texel Guinea Pig is arguably one of the most unique and sought after breeds that exist to date. Things that are not so unique about this little critter is their acute hearing and sense of smell and slightly poor eyesight, that is possessed by all guinea pig breeds. The Texel Guinea Pig is one of the few guinea pig breeds to be realised through genetic mutation. They have combined the curly and short coat gene of the Rex guinea Pig with the long and straight coat gene of the Silkie Guinea Pig to give the Texel Guinea Pig their curly, long coats they are famous for.

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Their coat is distinctive from any other breed because of the recognisable curls in their long hair. In order to qualify as a true Texel Guinea Pig the animal must have corkscrew shaped ringlets that cover the entire body, stomach included. Due to the large amount of grooming necessary to keep a Texel Guinea Pig in good health, it is not recommended as a first guinea pig. They can not regularly be found in pet stores, if you are searching for this specific breed it will most likely be found through a breeder or as a rescue. The Texel Guinea Pig is also known to be a much shorter length than many other breeds of guinea pig. They also posses the wide face that is associated with the Silkie Guinea Pig, which paired with the long hair, makes them look so similar. There are two main groupings of guinea pig breeds. The self varieties, which have smooth coats, and the non-self varieties, with what can be defined as rough coats. Evidently, because of its distinguishing curls, the Texel Guinea Pig is one of the non-self varieties, along with the Peruvian, Silkie, Teddy, Abyssinian and Rex Guinea Pigs. The self varieties of guinea pigs include any which possess a short and smooth coat. The hair on the face of the Texel Guinea Pig is much shorter than the rest of the body, but you may find that under the ears and jawline, hair may never form. There are many variations within this breed, such as the Satin Texel guinea Pig, which is distinguished by a denser and much shiner coat than your regular Texel Guinea Pig. Texel Guinea Pigs can come in a variety of colourings, anywhere from white and cream to dark browns, ginger and black. The wide range of different patterns makes each guinea pig dramatically unique and individual from the rest of the breed. There are so many positive traits that the Texel Guinea Pig possesses it is hard to look past it when you are picking a pet or show guinea pig, especially for those experienced keeping this species. If you are able to provide the care that it so desperately requires, the Texel Guinea Pig is an excellent choice for your new furry addition to the household. Although it is not readily available through the regular avenues, it is well worth the time to locate and bring home as your new companion.