Boston Red Sox Pavilion Boxes

Boston Red Sox Pavilion Boxes are placed very high above the playing surface down each foul line at Fenway Park. The Fenway Park seating chart shows the Red Sox Pavilion Boxes perched above the Pavilion Club in one of the highest seating areas anywhere in the ballpark.

Unlike the premium Pavilion Club section, Boston Red Sox Pavilion Boxes are regular seats that offer no special amenities. As the picture below demonstrates, the Pavilion Boxes are in two separated seating locations placed above the semi-private Pavilion Club areas. The Pavilion Boxes do provide a unique view from a high spot above the field, but are much more expensive than the Infield Grandstand section closer to the field. Pavilion Box ticket holders do receive access to the special concourses located on the pavilion level with shorter lines for concessions and restrooms, but do not receive any club access or in-seat wait service. Because of the height of Pavilion Box seats, few fans will appreciate the mediocre views of the game and those interested in closer access to the baseball action should consider Loge Boxes for a much better view at a similar price.

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Red Sox Pavilion Box tickets cost $90 per game when purchased as an individual game ticket directly from the team. Small quantities of season tickets are available, but the bulk of fans acquire tickets from the Red Sox or through secondary market sellers. Tickets for front rows of each section often sell at a significant premium over seats in the remaining rows, but the distance from home plate renders incremental improvements in sight lines worthless. Savvy fans are advised to simply purchase the cheapest Red Sox Pavilion Box tickets available and enjoy the section for easy access to the facilities, comfortable seats, and a relaxing atmosphere high above most of the crowds at Fenway Park.

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