Facts of the Texel Guinea Pig

The Texel Guinea Pig is arguably one of the most unique and sought after breeds that exist to date. Things that are not so unique about this little critter is their acute hearing and sense of smell and slightly poor eyesight, that is possessed by all guinea pig breeds. The Texel Guinea Pig is one of the few guinea pig breeds to be realised through genetic mutation. They have combined the curly and short coat gene of the Rex guinea Pig with the long and straight coat gene of the Silkie Guinea Pig to give the Texel Guinea Pig their curly, long coats they are famous for.

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Their coat is distinctive from any other breed because of the recognisable curls in their long hair. In order to qualify as a true Texel Guinea Pig the animal must have corkscrew shaped ringlets that cover the entire body, stomach included. Due to the large amount of grooming necessary to keep a Texel Guinea Pig in good health, it is not recommended as a first guinea pig. They can not regularly be found in pet stores, if you are searching for this specific breed it will most likely be found through a breeder or as a rescue. The Texel Guinea Pig is also known to be a much shorter length than many other breeds of guinea pig. They also posses the wide face that is associated with the Silkie Guinea Pig, which paired with the long hair, makes them look so similar. There are two main groupings of guinea pig breeds. The self varieties, which have smooth coats, and the non-self varieties, with what can be defined as rough coats. Evidently, because of its distinguishing curls, the Texel Guinea Pig is one of the non-self varieties, along with the Peruvian, Silkie, Teddy, Abyssinian and Rex Guinea Pigs. The self varieties of guinea pigs include any which possess a short and smooth coat. The hair on the face of the Texel Guinea Pig is much shorter than the rest of the body, but you may find that under the ears and jawline, hair may never form. There are many variations within this breed, such as the Satin Texel guinea Pig, which is distinguished by a denser and much shiner coat than your regular Texel Guinea Pig. Texel Guinea Pigs can come in a variety of colourings, anywhere from white and cream to dark browns, ginger and black. The wide range of different patterns makes each guinea pig dramatically unique and individual from the rest of the breed. There are so many positive traits that the Texel Guinea Pig possesses it is hard to look past it when you are picking a pet or show guinea pig, especially for those experienced keeping this species. If you are able to provide the care that it so desperately requires, the Texel Guinea Pig is an excellent choice for your new furry addition to the household. Although it is not readily available through the regular avenues, it is well worth the time to locate and bring home as your new companion.