Personality of the Texel Guinea Pig

The Texel Guinea Pig has a much desired personality as opposed to many other breeds in the guinea pig community. It is their nature which makes them such desirable pets, not just an aesthetically pleasing creature for show purposes. It is often said that they are not only unique looking but that their personality is unlike any other known guinea pig breed in the world. When we think about the best pets, we generally want something playful and loving. The kind of unconditional love that can not be matched by any human companion. It seems that the Texel Guinea Pig fits this mold perfectly and therefore makes a great little addition to any household that desires a smaller, more manageable pet.

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Although it requires more specific care than most other guinea pig breeds, the Texel Guinea Pig’s personality makes up for this ten fold. Its current nature can be traced back to its origins as a cross between the Rex Guinea Pig and the Silkie or Sheltie Guinea Pig. Both of these breeds possess similar personality traits, which may be why they made such a good match, despite their contrasting appearances. The Silkie Guinea Pig is well-known, not just for their unique, long coats of fur, but also for being the most gentle of all known breeds. Despite an initial shyness, they are very laid-back and friendly towards their owners once they have warmed up to them. They enjoy being handled and crave attention from their owners consistently. In comparison, it has been found that the Rex Guinea Pig does not enjoy being handled nearly as much as the Silkie Guinea Pig, although they love gentle stroking instead. They are generally much more sociable than other breeds. It seems that the Texel Guinea Pig has generally adopted the best of each of its parent breeds. It possesses the tranquil personality often associated with other long haired breeds, such as the Silkie and Peruvian Guinea Pig. The Texel Guinea Pig does however have a hint of mischievousness, a lot more active than we find the Silkie Guinea Pig to be. Overall, it has a loving and kind nature, warming up to its owner quickly and for the most part enjoys handling a lot more than the Rex Guinea Pig is known to. Of course, as with all animals, each individual Texel Guinea Pig can display different traits, but generally they have been known to be one of the more affectionate breeds. It is quite friendly and offers a myriad of entertainment for its owners throughout its lifetime. It is quite obvious that the Texel Guinea Pig provides the kind of unconditional love that we crave in an animal companion. They are less docile than other long haired species are believed to be, but they still possess the same laid back personality that they are known for. Their more active nature may be attributed to the cross of Rex Guinea Pig that this breed was adapted from. All in all, they are a unique breed that has an equally unique personality compared to all other guinea pigs you may encounter.

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